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Mylan brings in hepatitis-C Sovaldi tablets in India  

One of the Pharma giants- Mylan NV has finally embarked with Gilead Sciences’ Sovaldi (sofosbuvir 400mg tablets) in India, which was launched by its subsidiary group- Mylan Pharmaceuticals. The Sovaldi is generally used for the chronic hepatitis-C infection treatment, which happens to be the element of a anti viral treatment in certain combinations. As per research, it is estimated that more than 12 million people are found with chronically infection due to hepatitis-C in India. The Mylan group too has reproduced the same report, which has made the company to take this initiative.

Two months before in February the Gilead was seen appointing Mylan as one of the exclusive distributors of Sovaldi in India. As per the Mylan president Mr. Rajiv Malik they are known to network with Gilead who in turn tackle the key public health issues in India apart from the other parts of the world, right from the expanding access to high quality and inexpensive HIV/AIDS anti-retrovirals.  The president announced his glee on this juncture, which in turn would help in reducing the menace in India.

At the very same time, the executive Vice President Corporate and Medical Affairs Mr. Gregg Alton claimed that this will be an important milestone for the company’s current efforts, which will make the country India and other places free from the Hepatitis C through these medicines that remain accessible to a number of patients in different places. Sovaldi is being sold by Mylan’s commited marketing team as the part of its Hepato Care segment.


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