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Musician Sid Paul on composing music for commercials of several flourishing brands

Music exists all around us and in various forms, isn’t it? With the ginormous amount of music that we are surrounded by, there is no doubt that companies will use music to advertise their products or services. One such musician whose music has accentuated the impact of several advertisements is Sid Paul. This young man has successfully worked with several multinational companies and helped them pitch their products profitably.

Sid Paul has spent a number of years working as a composer. He has worked on web series, music videos, brands, etc. Sid Paul has worked on Wakefit Home Furniture’s commercial, which also features Vijay Raaz. Ha has also composed music for the Microsoft Windows 2 in 1 advertisement. Furthermore, Sid Paul has also worked with the famous ethic brand Manyavar. For this brand, Sid Paul has worked for the whole Diwali advertisement series. One of these Manyavar commercials also featured the youth sensation, Armaan Malik.

The young artist has a unique taste in music and that can be particularly discerned even in the few seconds of these advertisements. Sid Paul has worked with numerous brands by giving engaging music to them. He has also collaborated with Officer’s Choice Blue and Delhi Daredevils to create a trendy ad campaign. The music enthusiast has also worked with Kingfisher’s “types of beer lovers in lockdown” video.

Besides all this, more of Sid Paul’s corporate projects include brands like Waffles and more, Crown Butter Cookies, Bikano Namkeen, ICEX Diamond Web Ad, U-Cook Cooker and Cookware, etc. “We have grown up listening to the jingles and tunes of ads. Music has always made an advertisement infectious and equally persuasive. This background music aids the viewers to create attachment and generate sensation, “said Sid Paul, about the relationship between advertisement and music.

Sid Paul is also a singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. His songs like Raat, Zindagi Isi Ka Naam Hai, With Time, etc. have fetched so much love. He has also worked on web series such as What The Folks Season 2, Operation MBBS, Home Sweet Office, and Aisa Waisa Pyaar. For his future projects, we wish him great success.

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