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Mumbai Police takes note of the rampant use of misogynistic statements in Hindi movies; points out a few problematic scenes!

The fact that a problematic film like Kabir Singh went on to become a box office smash demonstrates how normalised misogyny has become in the Indian mindset. That too for a long time. Maalmaal, a 1988 film, had two male characters who agreed on – ‘Agar eik khoobsurat ladki ko na chhedo, toh woh bhi toh uski beizzati hoti hai na…”

Nothing has changed in the year 2021. People have fawned over misogynistic ideas in movies released in 2019, and they have fawned over it.

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The Mumbai Police Department has noted the widespread use of patriarchal comments in Hindi films and has identified a few problematic situations from a few of them. Kabir Singh received a double mention, as expected. The film may have once again demonstrated Shahid Kapoor’s acting prowess, but it isn’t an exaggeration to state that every scene in it reeks of deep-seated bigotry and oppression.

Dabangg, Maalamaal, and Chashme Baddoor are among the other films mentioned in Mumbai Police’s list (2013).

The Mumbai Police Department gathered the heinous sequences from these films and posted them as a single Instagram post with the hashtag #LetsNotNormaliseMisogyny. “Cinema is a reflection of our society. Here are (just) a few (of many) dialogues both our society & cinema need to reflect upon. Choose your words & actions with care – unless you want the law to intervene,” they captioned the post.

The Mumbai Police Department’s social media post has gone viral.


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