Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Mumbai Police DCP says the accusations are not false after Ekta Kapoor spoke in defense of actor Pearl V Puri

Yesterday Television actor Peral V Puri has been making headlines as he was arrested by the Mumbai Police after an allegation of the rape of a minor. As soon as this news broke, the TV industry including Ekta Kapoor, Anita Hassanandani, Krystle D’Souza came forward in support of the actor saying that he is innocent.

However, Sanjay Kumar Patil, who is the DCP of Vasai said that the allegations made on the actor are not false. While informing the press, when Patil was asked that Ekta Kapoor is calling these accusations false, He said,”No, the accusations are not false. His name has come up in the investigation. There is evidence against him. That is why the police has arrested him. The truth will be decided in the trial.”

After Pearl’s arrest, Ekta took to her social media and wrote, “Will I support a child molester…or a molester of any kind? But what I witnessed from last night to now, was the absolute low in human depravity. How can humanity go to this level? How can people who are upset with each other, drag a third person into their own fight? How can a human being take on another human being and do this? After various calls with the child‘s/girl’s mother, who openly said that Pearl was not involved and it’s her husband trying to create stories to keep her child and prove that a working mother on a set cannot take care of her kid.”

“If this is true then it is wrong on so many levels! Using an extremely important movement like ‘Me Too’ frivolously, to get your own agendas met with and mentally torturing a child and making an innocent person guilty. I have no right to decide, the courts will decide who is right & wrong. My opinion only comes from what the girl’s mother said to me last night & that is – Pearl is innocent …and it is very very sad if people are using various tactics to prove working mothers are unable to take care of their children, because there are predators on the set,” she added.

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