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Mumbai Police collaborates with Amitabh Bachchan and Rohit Shetty to launch ‘Fearless women – a signature of Mumbai!’ A women safety campaign

Mumbai police have always been very creative when it comes to spreading awareness. Now the department has come out with another amazing campaign.

This time, Mumbai police collaborated with actor Amitabh Bachchan and filmmaker Rohit Shetty. The Department presented a short film developed by Rohit Shetty with the theme “Fearless women – a signature of Mumbai!” to raise awareness about its Nirbhaya Squad, which was officially inaugurated today to combat crime against women in the city.

To curb sexual harassment and other crimes against women, the Mumbai police created a special unit made mostly of female officers. In this case, the helpline number ‘103’ has been activated.

Rohit Shetty, the filmmaker who created the short video for the Mumbai Police, donated Rs 50 lakh to the cause.

The 2-minute video, which has been shared on YouTube and other media, begins with Mr Bachchan’s voiceover, which speaks about women’s courage in the face of adversity. It shows numerous women being harassed by guys in various public areas and on the streets of Mumbai, after which they contact the Nirbhaya Squad helpline number ‘103’.

The video shows cops of the Nirbhaya Squad rushing to the aid of the women in their patrolling cars and even in civilian clothes as soon as they get the call. The cops then arrest the men who were shown harassing the women in the video.

The film ends with a clip of hundreds of Nirbhaya Squad members stationed next to their patrolling cars, with the message “Laangh Ke Ab Tu Laxman Rekha, Ban Nidar, Ban Nirbhaya!” (Cross the boundary and become fearless, courageous!).

Several actors, including Anupam Kher and Urmila Matondkar, praised the Mumbai Police for their action and posted the film on social media.

Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) Tweeted:
“Laangh Ke Ab Tu Laxman Rekha,
Ban Nidar, Ban Nirbhaya!

Fearless women – a trademark of Mumbai!

And now a dedicated squad, which is a reflection of the fearlessness amongst the women in this city – Nirbhaya Squad.

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