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Mumbai Delhi Mumbai Movie Review

Mumbai Delhi Mumbai Movie

We witness a busy Friday this week, wherein you have loads of movies hitting the theater. Right from horror, suspense, and comedy to romance, you have the option to taste the flair of different subject based movie, which can make or mar your day as per your zest and interest. One of these include Mumbai Delhi Mumbai, which is directed by Satich Rajwade, story comes from Satish Rajwade, while music is composed by Sawan Dutta and Rohan Rohan, which is backed by the lyrics of Priya Panchal and Rohan Gokhale. The movie has the main leads as Shiv Pandit and Piaa Bajpai. The movie comes with the banner of Viacom 18 Motion Pictures running for 120 minutes.

The movie falls under the romantic comedy category, which is basically a remake of a Marathi movie called Mumbai Pune Mumbai. This is one of the first Hindi movie, which is the remake of a Marathi based film, however, in most of the cases, the stories goes the opposite. The story revolves around a lady who hails from Mumbai and happens to be a typical Mumbaiya girl who visits Delhi for some personal work. She then meets a typical Delhite guys whom she asks for help to find her phone. Both the characters are diehard fans of their respective cities and thus the two spend all their day with him fighting, arguing and amidst all their differences and debate about their places, they are finally seen falling in love with each other.

Both the actors are new and their acting performances are not seen that impressive. Also, the scripts sound too low and half baked one, and nothing really interesting embarks in terms of screenplay and story. Other elements like direction, music and editing too witness a number of laws, which we can expect from the novices and newbie in the Bollywood industry. The lyrics though were soulful, but the music failed to package it for the audience, thus making the movie fall flat on the ground. The two lead actors along with the others too were average, giving less room to appreciate, forget about making good revenue over the box office.

Last Word Mumbai Delhi Mumbai

Mumbai Delhi Mumbai is a low budget movie, with trivial star value in it, hence the kind of presentation it should be able to make before the audience was really poor. The performances of the actors too failed to impress anyone, hence garnering good audience at the end of the day is next to impossible. If you really want to waste your time and money, then catching up this movie is a good idea to crack with. Hence, the rating you can expect for the movie should not be more than 1.

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