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Mumbai Can Dance Sala Movie 1st weekend box office collection

Mumbai-Can-Dance-Saalaa-1st weekend box office collection

The name itself suggests, it’s a low budget and low star movie. Thus you can very well expect the way it has performed in the last three days over the box office. The fact is, it was a big disaster with the collection not even crossing the 5 million mark. The main leads in the film include Aditya Pancholi, Shakti Kapoor, Ashima Sharma, Prashant Narayanan and let’s not forget the drama queen Rakhi Sawant. The movie had a very poor promotion and marketing, however, thanks to controversy queen, the movie came in limelight for a while as its director was slapped by Rakhi’s friend.

Low profile movie, minimal star value, no promotion and cheap publicity stunts by naive actress and item girls like Rakhi Sawant the movie fall flat on the ground garnering a very low figure at the end of its first weekend. As per reports, Mumbai Can Dance Sala was able 1st weekend box office collection tolled to around 42 lakhs, which indeed reflects to the fact that the film is a flop. What more can you expect from such film, when you have highly competitive movies like PK stealing the show despite being released two weeks before. Similar was the fate of the other movie – Take It Easy, nonetheless, it proved slightly better than Mumbai Can Dance Sala.

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