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Mumbai 125 km Movie Trailer Ft Veena Malik|Karanveer Bhora

Mumbai 125 km Movie

 Can you tell me, does the ghost make noise? No, right? So, just hold your breath for a while, as here you’ll experience the truth of life with ghost and thriller that can surely make your hair straight by watching just the trailer, spreading the waves of thriller an upcoming movie ‘Mumbai 125 KM in 3D’ is on the verge of release on 26th of Sep 2014 in cinemas. Under the directions of ‘Hemant Madhukar’

Featuring the renowned stars ‘Karanveer Bhora & Veena Malik’, a movie which is based on five fellow friends going for a ride and accidently decide to a take short cut which turns out to be the biggest mistake of their lives like ‘Hell’, Although the trailer doesn’t sounds up to that level but the thriller actions, scenes, moments n all. Can surely drag the viewers towards the movie

Enjoy The Horrific Official Hd Trailer of Mumbai 125 km

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