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Mumbai 125 KM 3D first day box office collection

mumbai 125 km 3d

Before we proceed to the topic can you tell me, do your Nightmares really scare you? No? Or is there any time when you suddenly wake up in the night? These questions may sound something very typical to you but guys it really makes a difference for those who have experienced it. And even if you not seen such scary dreams then it’s time to wake up!  Keeping this horrifying theme in mind, a movie ‘Mumbai 125Km full of horror, scary, action, drama, n everything is finally on the screens now. And to make the audience feel a natural horror and scare the movie is in 3D.

The movie had already created an unbeatable magnification towards it by releasing some heart whelming promos and trailer, which had pulled up the movie to a level of something that was trending like a spicy stuffs in the social media and news portals. However, that ultimately reflected the box office collection of the movie as well, despite the movie released along with ‘Sonali Cable but, surprisingly the collection dragged in the favor of Sonali Cable only, reflecting to fill up the box office bag with a collection of crossing 80 lakhs in just one day. The total number of screens in which the movie hit the theatres were around 1000 including both the multiplexes and single screens.

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