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Mubarakan Trailer Review : It’s a typical Anees Bazmee Kind of Movie


In one word, the film Mubarakan is a typical Anees Bazmee kind of movie that carries loads of a comedy of errors. As you check the trailer, it introduces us to a crazy kind of Singh family. Both the Karan and Chran seemed very much identical twins who are basically cousins. Both of them have their own girlfriends, which make their families dismayed amidst their mess comes Kartar Singh (Anil Kapoor) to their rescue, while doing so, he end up making things more confusing and messy.

Despite being a complete comedy movie, you find the humor elements missing a lot during the promos. Such type of movies have certainly have worked a couple of years before some years before but with the passing time the taste of the audience have changed. Well to be precise, we can call it to be a typical Punjabi movie despite the fact that we have seen the change in Punjabi Cinema a lot. Frankly speaking Arjun Kapoor who seems to be playing dual role can be called as a wrong choice for a comedy film.

Arjun Kapoor is again perfect miscast especially seen in the Sikh avatar. He is known to have no comic timing at all and has even failed to emote in a majority of scenes seen in the trailer, perhaps comedy is not his cup of tea and he should not try such genre movies. So, it’s time for the makers to rethink why cast an actor who has this limitation of not playing comic roles perfectly and giving him dual role is nothing but a big blunder. On the other side, we can call Ileana a bit good but Athiya Shetty is still not an actor stuff, while actors like Ratna Pathak and Pavan Malhotra remain underutilized.

The only difference here is that other comedy franchise have big stars like Akki but here we have all the non-stars in the film. And talking about the other aspects of the film, the music of the movie seems good with north Indian melody but with the popular classic song like Hawa Hawa one can certainly could see the auto tunes will ruin it a lot. Overall the trailer comes out to be an average one.

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