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MSG The Warrior Lion Heart- Movie Review

This Friday we have also a film releasing from the spiritual leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh called the MSG The Warrior Lion Heart. The film is directed by the spiritual leader only along with his daughter Honeypreet Insan. The film has Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in the lead role, which is releasing in Hindi along with slew of languages like Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and English. The motion posters of the film released earlier in August had created a good buzz in the media, while Ram Rahim has worked in not less than 30 different departments including choreography, editing, dialogues, action and direction to name a few. In fact, he also worked in hair styling, prop designer, make up and a number of other things. It’s time to get the crux of the film as under:


The story of the film is all about medieval warrior who is known to fight for land and honor and the lost dignity of womenfolk. The story moves around century back wherein he is seen in emerging in another role like a modern Indian hundreds of years before the advent of the technology. Lionheart can be called as the stumbling block that overpowers the planet earth. So, how will the Lionheart will manage in his struggle against the odd with his old and primitive weapons or will he be going with the surrender. Besides, one can even find the romance apart from the high drama and action and lastly the amazing twist found in the story.


The daughter-father venture has now reached to its third installment, unlike the earlier two movies, the film MSG The Warrior Lion Heart simply deals with the same idea of portraying a spiritual leader into a man who struggles against all odds and evils to stand firm and help the victims to come out free from the menace and tyrant rule of the local rulers and administrators thus getting the honor and dignity back to the people who has lost the same since ages. Unlike the previous MSG movies, the message is the same old and so is the content when we have a god man who comes to the rescue of the down trodden and suppressed people along with returning them the lost honor and request that they have been looking since ages. So, there isn’t much difference between the currently released movie and the earlier ones wherein the god man’s humanity savior image is blown out of proportion with a changed plot.

Talking about the performance, the spiritual leader Gurmeet Raam Raheem has grown a lot in the past few years in terms of action and acting performance. In the current film, he has gone out of the way to do a number of things becoming the master of all trying all the things on his own. One may debate about perfection and professionalism but who cares when he has thousands of followers to catch the film and make it a blockbuster at least in the northern side of India making the single screen jam packed. Rest is history when you have actors like him who wear a number of caps just to quench the thirst of filmmaking and flaunting his ideas and values which he has been propagating since ages. In some of the action scenes the spiritual leader has simply done wonders. Direction, music and other elements remain okay as one may not demand all the things being done with utter perfectionist way or professional way. The God man has now become a filmmaker and he has tried to improve upon a number of things, which remained in his earlier installments of the MSG films. Nevertheless, the music is okay and so is the action along with the technical things like editing and photography.

MSG The Warrior Lion Heart Last Word

The film MSG The Warrior Lion Heart has the same old idea with the central mission to propagate the ideas and values the spiritual leader has been practicing since ages. There isn’t much to discuss except the fact that the one man army has given another film in order to promote the ideas and values, which he has been promoting since long.

Rating – 2.5


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