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MS Dhoni- The Untold Story 1st Weekend

MS Dhoni- The Untold Story is going unstoppable and unthinkable. It has managed to embark among the top managed film of the 2016. As the days of its release, the pre-release buzz kept on movie with a great pace.

A film which has no clear opinion the way it could have headed a month back is simply remarkable in gaining a huge amount in just three days. For a movie which there was simply no clear opinion before one month has gone simply incredible at the box office.

As per reports, the first weekend box office collection tolled to around 63 crores, while the Sushant Singh Rajput tolled to around 6 crores. The film ended giving loads of collection for a number of movies, which has been released this year in 2016.

This is how things went for the film, which from a meager film turned big in terms of box office collection. Hence when you find the film moving with such pace, you are likely to get bigger in terms of collection.

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