Monday, November 29, 2021
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MS Dhoni & Sushant Singh Rajput share a very important quality: What’s that?

MS Dhoni Trailer Launch

Shushant Singh Rajput doesn’t really sleep well after all he has played a living legend over the silver screen thus has loads of expectations from both his and Dhoni’s fans from his upcoming film, which is all set to release this Friday.

At the age of 35, he is just a three film old man and gearing up for the fourth one for which he has worked hard to play the Indian cricket skipper – MS Dhoni in the biopic movie. In his interview with the media he and Dhoni both feel that its too early to play the biopic, however, amidst all this the two feel that there is no point in waiting to do a right thing at any point of time.

When it comes to talking about Dhoni, Shushant remains animated after all he has been living the life of this man ever since the film was announced by Neeraj Pandey. He said he is not thinking about what people would say about playing the man who is around and after playing 52 characters he has played a man which can be easily have the reference.

Everything can be compared and gauged easily right from Dhoni’s mannerisms, diction, body language and style and even his helicopter short which Shushant has tried to play ditto over the silver screen. Shushant called playing Dhoni to be a challenge but he has worked hard to gain the same. He watched loads of videos, heard his audio tapes and read as much he can to enter into the shoes of Dhoni.

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