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Mrs. India Universe 2022 and growing Indian model Akshita Arora discusses about the problems models face in the industry.

Getting into artistic realms like modelling has never been an easy ride, but Akshita says that with love for one’s craft and determination, things have turned out for positive for many.

No one ever said that the path to success and glory would ever be easier to achieve. Over the years, many have been quite honest about their experiences in their respective industries and have spoken about how challenging it is for people to dive deep into any sector in today’s day and age. However, some have even argued that just because saturation and competition are inevitable, people cannot lose hope or give up, fearing the hurdles they may face on their journeys. It is necessary for people and budding talents to take a step ahead to overcome their challenges and win over their struggles in life.

Akshita Arora, who has remained a noteworthy name in the modelling world, especially after becoming the title winner of Mrs. India Universe 2022, says that the world of modelling is a world of its own, which has proved to be tough for each and every person who has opted to be a part of it.

India Universe 2022
India Universe 2022

She highlights a few issues that models face around the world.

  • Away from home: To create their unique standing in the industry, they often move to cities like Mumbai in India and other international cities known as modelling hubs to chase their dreams. To gain early experience, they start careers while in their teens and scout for modelling jobs in big cities, which makes them stay away from home and stay aloof from loved ones.
  • Longer working hours: Many budding talents who start with the goal of becoming a known name at the earliest hardly know what massive efforts are needed to put in first to reach that prominence. Longer hours of work and shifts take a toll on their health.
  • Seasonal employment: young and teenage models often enter the field looking at the monetary gains and later realize how challenging it is to gain consistent income, especially in the early stages of their career. Modelling starts with low-paying jobs and does not always lead to making one a prominent figure for earning more.
  • Pressure to be in shape: Since modelling is all about looks, appearance and physique, as they say, models function with a constant mental battle and the pressure of being in shape. They also feel pressurized for having flawless skin, and this heightens their stress.

Besides all this, Akshita Arora, who manages her home as a wife and mother to a daughter while being a growing model, says that harsh critics are another factor that can lower a model’s self-esteem and confidence. However, there are several examples like hers that have also infused great hope and inspiration in up-and-comers.

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