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Mr Kabaadi Movie Review

Untimely comic timing completely ruins the movie

Star Cast -Om Puri, Annu Kapoor, Sarika, Rajeev Singh, Kashish Vora
Director: Seema Kapoor
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 2 hours 3 mins

Rating – 2

Talking about the plot of this film, it deals with a poor scrap dealer who strikes gold. But he fails to buy any happiness with his wealth and acceptance withing the society of rich and wealthy people around him. So, how it goes is an interesting to explore.


The film is a typical Annu Kapoor movie rather than being an Om Puri movie wherein we call the deceased actor to be a narrator and not more than that who deals with hawking ittar adn surma over the streets of Lucknow. The film is nothing but a social satire and has loads of fun in different parts that are just a few and far in between. But on the whole, it can be called as a typical watch for the humor and other things. Well, now talking about the key stars of the movie, let’s talk about Om, he is seen owning the screen effortlessly, but he has nothing much to play as we find there another narrator called Satish Kaushik. Talking about Sarika’s performance, it is interesting to see that she can find better movies and do better jobs. Annu Kapoor seemed to have nailed it by going to loud in the film.

Now talking about the actors like the Rajeev Singh and Kashish Vohra who played the characters of being love interest of each other, seemed okay, while Vinay Pathak has marveled with his acting skills cornering one and all. However, this may not be the thing that you have come to catch in this film, in fact, you can find an overdose of several numbers that are similar in taste and genre. Well, there is not much to wait for several scatological humor as it comes by and large too often forgetting about the bad or good coming timing. The other elements like direction, music, photography and screenplay seemed okay but these have not much to do to boost up the entertainment value of the movie.

Mr. Kabadi The Last Word

There is not much to catch in the film except the satire carried out in the most weird ways. All you can say is a one time watch when you do not have much to catch this weekend. The film has some value only with the veterans like Om Puri and Annu Kapoor, while it lacks in terms of story and content, which makes or mar the movie.

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