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Movie Review : Roar – Tigers of the Sundarbans Makes hardly any sense to catch it live

Roar - Tigers of the Sundarbans  review

This Friday, we have two movies hitting and one of them is Roar, starring all the novices including Abhinav Shukla, Himarsha Venkatsamy, Achint Kaur, Subrat Dutta, Nora Fatehi, etc. This feature movie is directed and written by Kamal Sadanah, who is doing his debut directorial venture, while it is produced by Abiz Rizvi under the banner of his own company Abiz Rizvi Films. The music comes from John Stewart BGM, while Michael Watson carried out the task of Cinematography. The movie has loads of newcomers and novices, which means it has no higher star value, which can make the ball rolling over the box office, however, critically it can be applauded for experimenting on an untouched subject and a gripping subject.

Now, let’s check the plot of the movie. In one sentence, it is all about the Tigers of Sunderbans wherein you find a tumultuous kind of relationship between man and the beast. As we dig deeper, we find a young photojournalist called Uday who is on his assignment to click some pictures at Sundarbans. There he recues a white tiger cub found in the trap of a poacher and brings the cub back to his place wherein he is based at. Soon the panic dominates the village and in order to settle down this fuss, the forest officer takes away the cub. Then you have the entry of Royal Bengal Tigress who follows the bloodstains of the cub and reaches out to Uday’s place but on not finding the cub she kills the young photographer and vanishes away with the dead body. Soon you have Pundit the captain of elite military commando team, who happens to be Uday’s brother comes into picture to find out the dead body of his brother. However, he gets no support from the forest officer for having a complex forest ecology in order to find his brother’s dead body. He moves on his own venture with his elite commando team to find his brother’s dead body amidst all emotions and rage. Whether he finds out the dead body or not is interesting to note and how is his encounter with Royal Bengal Tigress can be worth watching.

In nutshell, Roar simply revolves the battle between man and the beast. At least, this is what you can find out after watching this two hour based movie. Amidst the fight for avenge, you could find the team moving through the thorny, swampy, green and lush locations. Soon, you see the hunted becoming the hunter. And at the end, you would see all the humans losing their lives while the tigers roar is winning the game. The movie Roar makes hardly any sense in it. It is really unnerving to note why the writer and director simply decided to turn the orange and reddish tiger into white especially when everyone is seen claiming that there is hardly any white tiger in West Bengal or Bangladesh. They took resort in Computer generated images to have white tigers perhaps to get exotic value, which they have failed miserably. The group going inside the jungles with two women with cleXvage really killed the real essence of the movie. The script is seen with too many loopholes, which has no answer for the audience.

Now, let’s check the performance department. Well, again the animal seems to be winning than the humans found in the movie. You would find the tiger with bloody mouth and electric blue eyes seem more smart than the hapless and revenge hungry human beings in it. All the lead roles in the movie happen to be novices and you cannot expect much from them except the few who also failed to impress the audience with their performance. Roping in the ace Cinematographer – Michael Watson was a wise decision though, but more often, this man was seen overdoing things especially while taking the top angles shots. Yet the sylvan Sundarbans shots captured with the quality of National Geographic Special effects then it really becomes worth watching. The music and other technical things are okay though not par yet cannot be called as ordinary ones. However, the editing part of the movie was too frivolous since it simply made the movie very much difficult to watch.

Roar Review Last Word :

Though it may be commendable efforts to see the filmmaker Rizvi and Sadanah making a movie based at Sundarbans, however, they failed to embark with some engaging story as much of the stuff was carried out using special visual effects. Their exciting and arduous experience of shooting somewhere in Bangladesh across the Sundarbans could have proved worthy for them, but for audience it really means nothing. All in all, the filmmaker failed to give something tangible rather than few good quality motion pictures, which anyone can enjoy watching the National Geographic or Animal Planate channels, so whats the use of watching a movie simply to catch a mindless avenge game of the lead character pundit.

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