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Movie Plus Minus + – Feature Film Review: Best Portrayal of Saving Life When Death is all set to Attack 

Plus Minus + –  Review :

Director – Kundan Sad

Star cast – Ganesh Deshmukh and Himanshu Bhandakkar

Genre – Fantasy, Science fiction

Production Company – Incognito Motion Pictures and ND Productions

Writer– Mohammed Hassan Ali

Music – Ambar Bhartiya

Cinematography – Kundan Sad

Ratings – 3.5


The film deals with a man who comes out from his sleep slumber to realize that he is a locked room with windows or doors to escape. All he can see is some gadgets in his room along with a rat who becomes his friend. The film talks about the survival of the man in such unnatural conditions. So, what goes next is interesting to explore.


The film has an interesting plot that starts and ends with the same man. This may somewhere recall the Rajkummar Rao film – Trapped made on similar lines, but he did not have any gadgets to play or a rat to talk. Thus a story with a man having few gadgets and a rat may not be a gripping story for the audience. In a sense, the plot may appear fabricated, however, the makers are sharp enough to understand the flaw in the story and thus are successful in adding the right amount of freshness in it. This has been done by adding a few twists and turns just to make the film interesting.

Talking about the other features of the film, Ganesh Deshmukh the actor who played this lonely man seems to have done a wonderful job playing this man and showcasing the right blend of emotions and ordeal over the silver screen. Talking about the highlights of the movie, it seems to come up with a good design that remains outstanding with the right use of the sampling set. The costumes and art design are nicely placed in the film. One may question as to how and when this struggle would end, now that’s the secret which would unveil once you catch the movie. The other aspects of film-like music, screenplay, direction, and technical elements are par and helps in boosting up the entertainment value of the film.

Movie Plus Minus + – MX Player Last word 

With all said and done, the film  – Movie Plus Minus + – MX Player comes up with great efforts. Right from the director to the actor and others in the crew, everyone has done their jobs perfect to portray life in an inhuman and unnatural condition.

Film is doing great at international screenings and will be screened in Africa International Film Festival, along with the films like, “Bhonsale”, “For Sama” and “Namdeo Bhau”.

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