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Is the movie Bang Bang the remake of Knight And Day?


Since the release Bang Bang official teaser, the movie has been in the discussion. Thanks the power packed action it has, which has gave a record break views of more than 2 million in just 13 hours. However, one allegation, which has surfaced of late, is calling the movie a remake of Hollywood movie called Knight And Day. This Tom Cruise and Cemeron Diaz starrer movie seems to be on the same life, and Hrithik seems to have taken the role of Cruise wherein Katrina becomes the desi Diaz in Bang Bang.

However, talking about the director of Bang Bang, Siddharth, he claims that he has taken three long years to complete this movie and later even confesses the story line of the two movies sound very much similar, whereas for him it was painful to get the name of the movie. He had a long brainstorming session to embark with a right name called Bang Bang. However, the two movie may seem a big similar in terms of action and a story line to certain extent yet they differ in many ways. This may be due to the presence of an action director coming from Hollywood called Conrad Palmisano.

Manoj L


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