As the makers of the web series Money Heist hit the social media, it has been an instant hit for the audience waiting to catch the series soon. The Netflix web series has been in the news for sometime and after catching the same, there are a few questions that have been posed for the professor and Rio along with others that seemed to hover, have a look at these:

What is the mystery behind Alicia Sierra & Tatiana all about – In the third season we saw Berlin, as played by Pedro Alonso, is seen telling the Professor about his ladylove Tatiana stating that she knows the heist plan for Bank Of Spain. So, the big question is Tatina only knew the big plan?

Will Raquel betray the Professor – When the cops catch Raquel, they claim that they will kill her so will she betray the professor. So, is she changed from inside that’s the big story.

Why is Tokyo in chains – The next question, will we see Tokoyo in chains and what could be the possible reason for the same.

Similarly, they have several other questions to pose, which include Has Rio changed sides and What is Professor’s plan to name a few, which seems to have arisen after the teaser came in the picture. Stay tuned and let us know what questions you have for the fourth season. Talking about the release date, we have already reported earlier about the same as for the new audience, it will be hitting next month.