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Mohenjo Daro Trailer Review


Finally, the most awaited trailer of the film Mohenjo Daro has hit the social media sites. And interestingly, it has witnessed more than 30 million views giving one of most ravishing responses ever. Despite all the good response to the trailer, there was some troll trending at the Twitter claiming that the film seems to have failed to connect so well with the audiences. Many questioned the authenticity of the name given to the film, which is basically a fictional name given when the town was discovered in the areas of Sindh rather than having its original name. Also, the civilization showcased in the film doesn’t go convincing to the fact that it happens to be the age before the era of Christ.

About the Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro is a period love story, which is directed and written by Ashutosh Gowariker featuring the stylish actor Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde in the lead roles along with Arunoday Singh and Kabir Bedi in the supporting roles. The film is produced jointly by Ashutosh Gowariker and UTV Motion Pictures, while it is releasing on 12th August 2016. It showcases a indigo farmer called Sarman played by Hrithik Roshan from a place Amri who is seen having some connection with the city called Mohenjo Daro, which he fails to know. Then you have an evil man called Maham played by Kabir Bedi who is all set to destroy the city and thus is seen falling in love with Chaani played by Pooja Hedge who happens to be from the royal family.

Mohenjo Daro Trailer Review

One of the key attractions of the trailer is the showcase of the grand new and sophisticated kind of city with class landscape element in it. The language and the dialect don’t really go that convincing as to how people in this era is able to speak such a crisp Hindi language. You do not need to be a history expert to understand the failure in checking these flaws in it. Now talking about the photography element, a majority of sequences have been made similar way straight away getting lifted from other films. And talking about the actor Hrithik he seemed a bit overtop in the trailer with a tinge of overacting element in it. On the other side, the characters played by Kabir Bedi and Arunoday Singh simply appear to be menacing. Well, Kabir Bedi can give some of the reasons to catch the film for some.

Pooja Hedge appears to be royal and gorgeous without having dialogues in the trailer, which is again unconvincing as she walks at the royal background despite the fact we all know there is hardly civilization that existed in that era before BC. The visual effects can remind you the film called Bahubali, however, the latter sounds much better than MD. On the other side, if you forget about the age element then the city MD being at the central theme seems to have a better portrayal of the city being present at the character in the film. the music is on the top, thanks to the directors like A R Rahman, well the real treasure (the music release) is still awaited.


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