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Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho Movie Review – Weird Issue Becomes The Plot Of the Film Hampering its Entertainment Value

miss_tanakpur_haazir_movie reviewRating – 1.5 */ 5*

This week is dedicated to a couple of mid and low budget films, which certainly include the one called Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho. The film is basically a political satire on Indian polity, which is directed by a journalist turned director – Vinod Kapri and produced under the banner of Crossword Films. It is inspired by a couple of true events and has a love story set in a small village of Haryana. Actors like Annu Kapoor, Ravi Kishan, Hrishita Bhatt and Om Puri are seen in the lead roles, while Rahul Bagga, Sanjay Mishra, Ravi Kishan, etc are in supporting characters. After a one week delay (owing to ABCD 2), the film is finally able to hit the theatres this Friday. Now, let’s dig in deep to find out the crux of the film.

The Plot

The film is basically a satire on Indian Politics, which revolves around a young man called Arjun Prasad played by Rahul Bagga. He is accused of raping a village buffalo who has been awarded the title of Miss Tanakpur in a local beauty pageant. The village based in Haryana is ruled by fools who can go to any extent to prove their might and supremacy and later embarks with the decision of asking the man to marry the buffallo. Amidst all this the love story of Arjun and Maya (Hrishita Bhatt) seems getting lost. The film is inspired by a real incident when a young boy in Rajasthan was accused of raping a buffallo. The director who earlier worked in a news channel followed the story and met the accused, his family, the doctors, lawyers, veterinary doctors to unfold an intriguing story.

Script Analysis

As far as the story is concerned, it is a simple and straight forward one of a young man getting accused of being charged for raping a buffalo from his village. The story has no flaw as such, but it talks about how any pun conspired by mighty fools ruling any place can wreak havoc in the world drawing attention of media and others who are simply sitting to blow the issue out of proportion. Perhaps, it lacks substance, which Bollywood demands from its filmmaker. By choosing any weird and rot subjects like these, the director has smartly able to create a controversy around the film just to seek attention from the audience and surprisingly even from the bigwigs of B Town. It is rather dismaying to see how the veteran actors like Amitabh Bachchan and PK director Rajkumar Hirani are applauding the subject calling it unique and interesting when some really serious and worthy movies in B Town fail.

This is indeed no entertainment but just an attempt to glorify or launch the director – Vinod Kapri in the industry who is doing his debut in direction in Bollywood. And with such subjects becoming the plot of any Bollywood then God only will help the industry. The film is basically a love story in a village of backward state of Haryana in India, however, soon it goes at the back burner to witness the weird issue coming at the center stage. The first half goes slow and dull, while in the second half you find the local Panchayat and court trails of the man accused of raping an animal and finally getting the diktat of marrying the buffallo.

Star Performances & Technical Stuff

The director is smart enough to rope in some of the veterans found in B Town, which include Annu Kapoor and Om Puri. There is no doubt that they are skilled actors and have played the characters very smartly. However, on the flip side, they have simply wasted their time, energy and skills on a movie based on such a weird subject, which can be more or less called as a C Grade film. On the other side the actors like Sanjay Mishra who is playing the character of Tantrik failed strike the right chemistry with his co-actors. Though he is a good actor and has been known for smarter performances, but this time he seemed a bit weird again wasting his talent and time for a wrong film. Only Annu Kapoor and Om Puri seemed perfect while playing their characters in the film, while rest just survived with their okay performances. Perhaps may be the director’s debut experience of directing failed him to rope in the characters and shape the chemistry the best failed. The other elements like an Item Number and too much of humor made the film go no-where. Rest elements like screenplay, editing, cinematography and other technical elements were okay and had not much to add to make the film perform better over the box office.

Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho Last Word

Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho is an amalgamation of weird and indigestible plot with too much humor hardly having any sense in it. Hence, even with good performances from veterans like Annu Kapoor and Om Puri too failed to rescue the film. Seeking the help of controversies have been the strategies of debut directors and Vinod Kapri is no exception. You cannot expect to get something big out of a rot and substandard subjects like these. Perhaps with such movies hitting the theatres, you actually debase and malign many serious and competent filmmakers who end up losing the batter despite making good films. Such films can only debase and degrade the standard of Bollywood, let’s not make it a bad place with movies like these.

Rating – 1.5 */ 5*

Manoj L


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