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Mislaid Vithal Rao Found Dead in Hyderabad: Painful Confirmation from Police

A singer who was entertaining all of us by his soulful voice, the one n only veteran ghazal singer Pandit Vithal Rao who was mislaid since last month from the most favorite place of tourists i.e. from Shirdi temple. I know what you read sounds something really un believable but believe me guys, the remarkable singer is not between us anymore, which is indeed painful like anything. The moment, missing news started rolling all over the B town, the very next moment the controversies started grabbing fire on the floor and guess what his beloved students Rao’s students created a page on the Facebook titled ‘Finding Pandit Vithal Rao’. But, mean while one of the police men ACP K Venkatesh Warlu added a statement in front of PTI that the police have found a body which is under observation in Gandhi Hospital and ‘Rao’s family themselves identified his body at the government-run Hospital soon after the alert today – As per the sources.

However, if we move on deeper along with the sources then the renowned singer was found in Begumpet area on 24th June who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease due to which he was helpless to talk anything about himself in front of the police. But, despite by the misconception the police quickly rolled and admitted him in Gandhi Hospital wherein he took his last breath. The sources also added that he was invited by the Telangana Government for entertain the audience with his soulful voice on 2nd June but it’s hard to believe that yes he’s not between us anymore, May his soul rest in peace.

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