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Mike Tyson was spotted in wheelchair days after he said his expiry date is coming soon

The legendary American boxer Mike Tyson, who is also called “The Baddest Man” and the greatest boxer of all time, is in a bad state. He is entering the world of acting with Vijay Deverakonda’s upcoming pan-India movie Liger, but his hat is the thing to worry about right now. He was photographed in a wheelchair at Miami airport a while after he said his last days were coming soon. The shocking appearance of the boxer has left people worried about his physical state.

As per reports, he was found in a wheelchair at one end of the airport. He wore white shorts and a shirt with white shoes and was posing for a photograph with fans. You can say that he is not in a good state by seeing his pictures.

The 56-year-old was using a walking stick along with a white towel, which he used to wipe his face. He was also spotted with the same stick when he was in New York. Well, an insider close to Mike has asked people to not worry as there is nothing serious.

The former boxing champion is handling a “sciatica flare-up’ in his back. which was termed as old damage to his life and risk to his profession of boxing.

During his Hotboxin’ with Mike podcast, he said, “We will all die someday, for sure. Whenever I look into the mirror and see those tiny spots on my face, I say ‘WOWW’. It means my expiration date is near and will happen soon. I just want a conscious death and don’t want to die with the chaos around me. I have heard about the last nights of many well-known people. When death comes, they leave the world screaming. “

He added, “Money isn’t a crucial aspect to me. People expect it to bring happiness and security, but it doesn’t. It is because they have never had enough money before. When you have a lot of wealth, you won’t expect that nobody will love you. But, how would someone confess their love to you if you had $500 billion?”

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