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Mika Singh’s net worth will make you feel poor

The most anticipated day for Mika Singh’s fans has finally arrived, as King Mika Singh has chosen the woman of his dreams. The singer previously stated that his only true match is his old friend Akanksha Puri. The actress entered Swayamwar: Mika Di Vohti as a wild card entry to claim her throne as Mika Singh’s queen.

Now that Mika got the love of his life in Akansha, let’s see the net worth of the singer.

Mika Singh owns a farmhouse and land in Delhi worth Rs 40 crores. A lake, a stable for five horses, dogs, and a sprawling bungalow are all part of the stunning farmhouse. Mika Singh shared a video of himself enjoying the rain in his farmhouse two years ago. It had been sealed, but the government has now released it.

Mika Singh and Hummer go hand in hand, but he also has a garage full of high-end vehicles. A Porsche Panamera (Rs 1.46 crores), a Hummer (Rs 80 lakh), a Lamborghini (Rs 3 crores), a Ford Mustang (Rs 76 lakh), a Mercedes GLS (Rs 1.07 crores), and a motorcycle are among them. He is, after all, a car enthusiast.

Mika owns two homes in Mumbai’s Andheri district. The house is valued at more than Rs 20 crores. Mika Singh is Kapil Sharma’s next-door neighbour.

According to the reports Akanksha Puri’s net worth is estimated to be around Rs 15 crores. The actress owns a home and a high-end vehicle. She has appeared in films and TV serials.

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