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Middle-Class Love REVIEW : Preet Kamani, Kavya Thapar, and Aisha Singh restore college romance and memories but delivers nothing new

Middle-Class Love REVIEW:

Movie: Middle-Class Love

Director: Ratnaa Sinha

Cast: Prit Kamani, Kavya Thapar, Eisha Singh 

Runtime: 2h 

Rating: ⭐⭐

College fun, college romance, and those days are always special for everyone. Chilling with friends, bunking lectures, and making the canteen our home are golden moments for all of us. But funny stories are college affairs and crushes. Well, the middle-class love will refresh your memories and you will definitely remember your college days which will make you a little nostalgic. What’s new in middle-class love, have we seen such a story before? is this a new experience for us? Well, I would say nothing at all, there is nothing new in the story.


The film depicts the struggles that middle-class boys face and what occurs when they pursue a girl who is out of their league in an effort to free themselves from their own chains. It seems a little alarming that the child views a popular, wealthy girl as his VIP pass to a life of luxury. As you watch the movie, you know that Yudi will make an effort to win over the college’s most popular lady, but it becomes extremely clear when he falls for the girl he despises. When he breaks their hearts, the drama ensues. Because Middle-Class Love is quite predictable, there isn’t much to keep you watching it.

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Middle-Class Love Review: 

Yudhishthira a young college student known as Yudi is unhappy with his family’s middle-class background and longs to escape it. He chooses a posh college because he wants a lavish life for himself. Falls to the richest and most popular college lady to live his classy life and live a middle-class free life. And according to Yudi, this is a way to live a good life and escape the situation.  

Middle-Class Love : Star Performance

Prit Kamani

Prit Kamani plays Yudhishthir Sharma, also known as Yudi, a notorious college student whose main ambition in life is to be cool. In an effort to meet someone and appear cool, he enrolls at the most prestigious university, Oakwood University. Given that Prit is impersonating a college student, his performance is excellent. He makes sure to attract you with his youthful charm and his million-dollar smile.

 Kavya Thapar:

With Middle-Class Love, Kavya Thapar makes her Bollywood debut as Ms. Popular girl. She is Saisha Oberoi, known as the college’s diva. Due to her prestige, everyone just wants to be her buddy or boyfriend. She has a kind heart, though. Unlike other popular heroines we have seen in previous films, Saisha’s persona is valiant but not arrogant, feisty but not unpleasant, and caring but not inhumane. This is the aspect of the character that I found appealing, but in terms of performance, I thought Kavya performed okay for her first film.

Eisha Singh

Television actress Eisha Singh has also made her Bollywood debut in middle-class love. In the movie, she plays Ash, a gentle and unassuming girl who, despite her tough exterior and ability to kill you with her beauty, is actually a sweetheart.

Middle-Class Love REVIEW: Direction/ Screenplay: 

Middle-Class Love combines all the elements necessary for a good rom-com and bromance—love, unwavering friendship, and filmic drama—and is directed by Ratnaa Sinha, who also directed Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (2017). This 136-minute drama’s first half is very lighthearted and carefree, but after the intermission, it turns into a complete siyapaa with all the heartbreaks and some truth reveals. Although written with young audiences in mind, the screenplay offers nothing novel in any way. Only because it is a mash-up of all the other remedies and bromances we’ve seen so far does it offer much to the audience.

Middle-Class Love REVIEW: Dialogues:

When it comes to the movie’s dialogue, Preet’s lines are always written in the greatest possible method. However, as soon as the movie moves on to another location, the dialogue ruins the rest of the movie’s linguistic integrity. In a crucial sequence of the movie, the entire conversation takes place in English. if the film is in Hindi. Even the movie didn’t require it. Additionally, it appears that each new movie has a worsening language. 

Middle-Class Love REVIEW: Verdict

Overall, got much less than what was expected from the film. Personally, I haven’t got anything new from the story, the same cheesy pheesy story. “Middle-Class Love” is not an emotionally packed movie, but it does have a sense of humour and relevant events that any young person or middle-class person can relate to. It’s entertaining to watch this cheerful and enjoyable coming-of-age tale.

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