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Memes on Bollywood Celebs that Broke the Internet after their trailers were out

As they say when you have any situation around, look around for the funniest things in each and every situation. And yes, no one would even know this better than the ones who troll the Bollywood celebrities! We have seen such funny moments at various junctures particularly after the release of the trailer of some big time Bollywood actors. Like for example, the film – Thugs of Hindostan had its trailer, and the moment it came, loads of memes appeared over the microblogging site. This is not just the one that we have noticed over the web, have a look at the Memes on Bollywood Celebs that Broke the Internet after their trailers were out as under:


When the trailer of this film was released in the media, people from all quarters reacted to it and the best came in the form of memes. In fact, this film had loads of memes over it and some said – the film Sanju will not have any interval but parole. The other said, you will be either Sanjay Dutt’s fan or Ranbir Kapoor’s fan after catching up the trailer.

Sui Dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga memes

When the trailer of the Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma appeared many appreciated for their lower class look of the two particularly the actress. However, some cool memes too came for Anushka Sharma in her old dirty saree and unusual expression saying that when you break a long fast you appear like this.

Race 3

Race 3 mames

Similarly when the film Race 3 had its trailer in the media, it was really fun watching a number of memes over the social media. There were many but the one with Salman Khan carrying the arms in his hand and it was compared with an IT guy who carries all the laptops of his office together. Similarly, the Daisy Shah scene of cutting her dress to allow freestyle Karate said when you are just out of school what you do the next.

Thugs of Hindostan

thug of hindostan

The film will be the biggest one on the silver screen but as the trailer came out, jokes and memes broke out for it. Aamir was compared with a term Hunter Singh, while the famous dialogue Dhoka Sabhav hai mera (Deceit is my character) was add for Indian Government while Bharosa Sabhav hai mera was added for Supreme Court.

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