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Meet the real Outsick

Meet the real Outsick

Meet the real Outsick

Life is to discover yourself, your talents and excel in it. It takes courage to come out and take a stand to follow your own dreams. Such is the story of our own renowned rapper ‘Outsick’. We all love to ‘Bounce It’ by Babou G featuring our Outsick. His real name is Abdullah Matar. The handsome and fun loving guy brings out the best in rapping. He aims to be the biggest artist in UAE. He is one of the first Arabs rappers to Sign up for Music Record Label In Athens, Greece called (Liberation60).

Born on November 22, 1990, he started young with his brother in 2006 to 2010. Even belonging to an Arab family, he loved English music. From a young age of 12, he loved listening English music, he used to learn the language and wanted to make his own music. His career has faced many ups and downs. Initially he and his brother created a group frizzled Arab Rap together they were called Saints Unit. He even performed in various Arab movies including Abu Dhabi Police, technical colleges and voluntary films. Still the things didn’t pick up well. Even in 2012, they could not work on something worthwhile.

On the dawn of 2013, it was the song ‘Love and War’ that brought OutSick back in the game but not for too long. Again due to clashes there was a lump. In 2018, Outsick decided to get back in the game. Now rather than focusing on Arab music he mixed African and English together. It hit well. Now there was no looking back. In 2019 Outsick travelled to Greece to shoot a video clip. The popular song is ‘Bounce It’ was also shot in Greece Mykonos in collaboration with one of his record label members Liberation60 (Babou G)this song which makes Outsick viral in UAE in the music industry he shot 2 music videos in Mykonos-Greece.

Bounce it played all over UAE – Singapore -Greece -USA-Africa – South Africa even India they song become viral and Outsick was featuring on this track after the impact Outsick decided to drop another video called (Anything) this video went viral so fast cause of the locations and the tune of the song again he collab with (Babou G).

He has a huge fan base all over the world. He is a man with a big heart and fun. He loves to do it while being in leisure. He loves shopping and traveling. He is a party animal and loves to be the part of different parties apart from being also active in sports like football and other similar games. He loves to travel around the tourist places and loves to explore the culture, people, food and other things.

He has got an amazing response and now he is one of the youngest and talented rappers we all know. He is almost ready with a new year gift. He is doing a new video and launched on New Year 2021.