Meet the person who is making good Future of Mankind with his Technology – Julian Jewel Jeyaraj 

Julian Jewel Jeyaraj 

India has always given gems to every field in the world. You take science, Technology, you will find top heads everywhere is Indian from Google to Nasa. We have given top people everywhere.

Coming to the core of this article, Technology is growing, and it some inventions are like magic in today’s time, it is like what we dream in childhood is becoming a reality in our time. The human mind is at the peak we are next to God in terms of inventing some magic of science and Technology. Only thing s left Birth and Death which department is in the hand of almighty God.

Artificial Intelligence has come along way in the past two decades, Technology is changing, and we are going to see a whole new world. The latest Technology surrounds us. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere from school to Airport to companies.

We found one gem of a person who is known for his contribution in Artificial intelligence. He comes from Tamilnadu, making India proud with his new inventions in AI. He is Julian Jewel Jeyaraj this lad is a special kid of Technology. He is creating extraordinary things for humanity. His recent invention JJAIBOT is a miracle in Artificial Intelligence world.

JJAIBOT is a new benchmark for all the experts who are in this field. A lot of experts are Gaga over this inventions by Julina Jewel Jeyaraj. A robo understanding human feelings, behave like a human. It is like it understands only good things of a human being.

JJAIBOT is a program specifically for benefiting our humankind. A few years ago we showed a movie which was of Sir Rajnikant on Robo, chichi which was specially programmed for good things. That was Reel, and we are having JJAIBOT, which is real Robo.

Julian Jewel wants to work on environment protection, mental illness and wildlife conservation. Future of Technology is JJAIBOT. It covers all the essential part of society. We wish Julian Jewel Jeyaraj gets all the success and make a good future with his Technology.

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