Meet Sagar Gulati, the 25-Year-Old Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer with Unbeatable Spirit To Succeed!

Sagar Gulati
Sagar Gulati

From earning 12,000 rupees as a freelancer to creating multi-ventures company in technology and media at the age of 25. Here is the story of a 25-year-old serial entrepreneur, digital marketer and Founder of Witty Idiots Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Sagar Gulati has successfully set performance and consistent benchmark for all the young entrepreneurs by showing that consistency and persistence mixed with hard-work can make you successful.

All social media platforms are setting new trends and benchmarks these days on how many active users they have. People just want to become more successful by working on the platforms, creating diversified content so they can grow exponentially in social media and become influencers. Even businesses these days are making memes, graphical video content, sync-up videos and more to curate content. This helps them gain followers and reach more audience on social media but not all of them can hit the jackpot. Social media is a whirlpool of a lot of things and whatever we do on the internet, everything is connected to social media at some point.

On the other hand, SMEs are looking for digital solutions to support and automate their businesses which can boost them to gather more audience and help manage it easily or obtain new users. This is where people like Sagar comes in by offering their digital products and services to these businesses. Sagar’s company help businesses to market themselves to the right audience and also provides them with a customized solution for managing their business.

 “A piece of paper cannot decide my future and it never will. People in India tend to judge one’s skill based on their certificates but it can only be calculated by the experience they have practically got in their life,” explains Sagar. “Our company is not like any other technology company; we focus on what’s trending in technology in this digital era. We focus on blockchain, AI, APIs, SaaS solutions and mobile applications. We are a team of people with one common vision and that is to grow together as one,” added Sagar.

Sagar is all set with his vision to take his venture to new heights of success and raise more funds in the upcoming years through his digital products and ideas in the upcoming months. “I will always try to focus on being a bootstrapped startup unless we require a strong backbone and we’ll keep making diverse digital products for people and businesses as we grow,” said Sagar on the endnote.

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