Meet Maya Alhawary Chairwoman off Dubai Carmel school


Dr. Maya Al Hawari, who is described as the first Emirati doctor to study academically in emotional intelligence and its impact on leadership, is a university lecturer, volunteer and community activist, and a human development trainer in happiness, positivity and tolerance. She was chosen as the “ Ambassador of Knowledge ” at the UAE Red Crescent, and was selected in early 2019 among fifty influential accounts in Social Media. She was the fourth knight to raise the banner of giving in the tolerance program, which gives her an official Great Maly towards society.
She pointed out in her dialogue to the Union that the tolerance team aims to launch initiatives and engage in community partnerships compatible with the Year of Tolerance in order to implement and develop a message of tolerance for this year, which is based on giving, dialogue and coexistence.

Happiness result

Her specialization in emotional intelligence was not a coincidence, where she explained d. Maya El Hawari: I decided to develop myself to continue my career as an inspiring manager and leader.I went on to study emotional intelligence and its impact on leadership.In my letter, I focused on how to pass from tolerance to happiness, through basic principles of emotional intelligence.I learned that happiness is the result, tolerance is the beginning, and intelligence. Emotional is the road between them, and this is the message I want to convey to the community through this field.


Dr Maya Al Hawari
She explained that the use of emotional intelligence in the leadership of institutions is essential, especially that we live in the fourth industrial age, the largest industrial era ever in the history of mankind, and therefore we desperately need skills to keep pace with this speed, and we can not understand, know and keep up with everything, Especially that our wise leadership is accelerating in the path of creativity, which makes it difficult for us to catch up with them easily, and that is why emotional intelligence helped us to learn new skills, the most important skill to adapt to the new lifestyle, by accepting change in the circumstances surrounding us, who does not have intelligence Emotional hard for it, She added that emotional intelligence helps us in leadership through experience and empowerment, and creativity in creating the model and project and the way that is acceptable to all, and possessing a policy of attracting and sensing the other, and leadership to reach him to complacency, team and boss.

Persistence and Perseverance

In addition to being a knight of tolerance, she is also trained in positivity and happiness. Happiness from within, and was able to be trained in the tolerance career taught by this year, and learned that man can determine his career choices and able to achieve his goals and objectives in the spirit of determination and perseverance.

«Ambassador of Knowledge»

Commenting on being named Knowledge Ambassador to the UAE Red Crescent, she said. Maya Al Hawari: “ My career with the UAE Red Crescent and the title I got the Ambassador of Knowledge (2017 – 2018), where I was honored as a volunteer lecturer in 2017, was my first honor and my appearance with the UAE Red Crescent, and I had a role in encouraging employees to volunteer for it This is what helped me to be called the ‘Ambassador of Knowledge’, where my gift was bright and useful, and in contact with the heart, and a sense of the other, and this is the apex of humanity that inhabits the heart of every Emirati. ”

double-edged sword

«Social Media» formed a bright facade reflected d. Maya through her ability to adapt to the benefits of society, and addressed through the models of educated positive educated positive and humanitarian, and stressed with full conviction that «Media Media» double-edged sword must know how to use, and pointed out that the goal of «Media Media» is to build a role model Feminists, expressing the educated, committed and respected Emirati, let us know from this rostrum that the UAE is a platform for good, tolerance and coexistence among all peoples.

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