Meet India’s Youngest Successful Dropshipper – Vaibhav Pudke

Meet India’s Youngest Successful Dropshipper - Vaibhav Pudke

A 21-year-old boy Vaibhav Pudke lives in Nagpur India. Currently working as the CEO and Co-Founder of Ecom Mafias, one of the biggest digital marketing agencies of India is currently studying in an engineering college. He is India’s youngest successful Dropshipper. He started his journey in 2018 launching a startup company named “Ecom Mafias” along with his partner Rajat Pattu and they are helping businesses in generating 5-6 figure revenue stores. He is a boy who has already discovered his purpose in life, he took gap years to attain his success. This is a boy who left his comfort zone to grind and be where we wanted to be in his life.Meet India’s Youngest Successful Dropshipper - Vaibhav Pudke

Vaibhav’s journey to success began in his college. Even at a young age, he decided to chase his dreams and he ended up here. From a very young age, he had a clear goal of becoming financially independent.He has been helping businesses to look more professional and get more traffic. Shortly, Vaibhav will be leading with great influence, as India’s one of the most influential people, he has his targets in sight.

He has shown great enthusiasm towards his work, he has come out to be a source of inspiration for many kids out there, who think they can’t achieve anything, Vaibhav’s story will be a guide for them, that they can actually achieve something in life.Today, when everyone is concerned about their businesses shutting down due to the imposed lockdown and nations’ imbalanced economies, with his internet marketing strategies, he was one of the first ones to step forward to save many Ecommerce brands through his ecommerce agency.He has saved many organizations and businesses from huge losses and helped them to deliver their products and services online to the consumers.

Vaibhav is always looking to change the traditional way of marketing and because of this habit, he has learned so many innovative new skills quicker than others in the business. which reflects in his work. He also believes in holding a practice approach to life, which is a rare virtue in today’s materialistic world. Vaibhav Pudke makes it a point to advise youngsters like him through knowledge. He always tells them to keep their goals practice and keep learning whatever they can before embarking upon this journey.

About Vaibhav Pudke

Meet India’s Youngest Successful Dropshipper - Vaibhav Pudke

Vaibhav Pudke is currently a Dropshipper, Digital Marketer, Social Media Manager, trained, consultant, and an entrepreneur. Vaibhav Pudke may have become a big name today in the Dropshipping field, but no one knew him about a few years ago when he started.He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth and despite having these difficulties, he knew he would be able to make his way out and achieve big someday.

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