Meet Hema Champawat – A Fashion And Jewellery Influencer Who Is Bringing A Change In Rajasthan

Hema Champawat
Hema Champawat

The internet has bloomed and has given the biggest opportunities to many people in earning money online. Not just in urban areas, but many people from small towns and cities have got the right exposure to social media and have gained popularity through the internet. Hema Rathore who goes by the name Hema Champawat is a renowned name from Rajasthan who is stepping towards success as a fashion and jewellery influencer. Her major work and clients are based in Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Pokhran. Coming from the ‘Land Of Maharajas’, her outfits are typical Rajputi outfits which show that royalty meets fashion in the truest sense.

Besides this, she has her own online store named ‘Hema Rathore Outlets’ which offers the best range of Rajputi outfits and jewellery shipping across the world. The influencer has organized many events and has been a part of various functions where she has showcased her fashion and jewellery line. On November 2, Hema will be showcasing the exclusive collection of her Rajputi attires at KR Fashion Week in Udaipur. She grew up in an environment where women were bounded by the work of the home. “I have seen many women sacrificing their dreams and aspirations after getting tied in the bond of marriage in Rajasthan. I wanted to stand for the women and be an example to never stop dreaming. I am a working woman and I feel proud that I have changed the perspective of many people today”, she stated.

The young woman is living her dreams today and has built a massive audience of 125K followers on Instagram. Her online store ‘Hema Rathore Outlets’ has got huge support of 24K followers on the social media platform. Not just this, she also has her own YouTube channel which has managed to garner more than 16K subscribers. Her channel depicts the beautiful Rajasthani culture right from their tradition to their folk dance. Today Hema Rathore has built her own brand which is renowned in the entire state. Her story is truly inspiring many people to always work hard and stay focused on your goals.

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