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Meet Diksha Hadke, Hot Female Photographer And Cinematographer Motivating Other Models

Diksha Hadke
Diksha Hadke

When you first look at this model, maybe you will think she is yet another girl in B-town who want to make it big in Industry with pretty face and slim figure but you will be shocked to know that she is one of those rare faces of Industry which is good in Multi-tasking.

At age 22, she started her modelling career when she met Film Director Prajakt Rebeloma who is well known in central India for his all-rounder skills.  Working with him, she realized there is more to filmmaking than just being a pretty face. Ste started learning everything she can from Rebeloma and now she is not just model but also works as photographer, cinematographer and photo editor. She recently shot one music video ‘SHABDO KA MAAJ’ for ZERO

MILE CREW rappers and that too without lights or fancy equipment’s.

Watch Her Cinematography Skills in this music video.

She used handheld techniques to shoot entire music video with just APS-C sensor DSLR. Not many girls in industry does that so we had a little chat with her to know what message she would like to give to other girls. Here is what she has to say in her own words.

Diksha And Prajakt
Diksha And Prajakt

‘Nowadays anyone with a pretty face can declare herself Model but becoming a model is easy whereas staying in Industry for a long duration is quite tough. Girls must realize that in today’s digital age, finding a beautiful face is not at all difficult. All you have to do is visit instagram, youtube or facebook and there are tons of beautiful faces with awesome bodies who are ready to beat you. So, one must acquire other skills too to stay in Industry.  With Mr. Prajakt Rebeloma, i learned photography, cinematography, video editing etc. so that when someone judges me, he/she should not just use my face as the only parameter.

Another thing is when you learn other aspects of filmmaking and work offscreen, you get better understanding of what to do onscreen. So, my message to all the girls who are models or want to be model is simple. Go grab a camera or slate, grab a computer or sound recorder otherwise there are many faces who are ready to beat you in your own game.’

By the way, she also provides services like wedding photography, pre- wedding shoots, music video shoots etc. So if you would like to hire her for your production, you can do so by visiting  : https://wp.me/P8Demt-t8

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