Meet Asian Lady Digital Entrepreneur Roshni Dhal who is empowering Students, Business professionals and Entrepreneurs To Start their Digital Journey

An HR turned into a Digital Entrepreneur, Roshni Dhal faced a lot of challenges in her career before being recognized as India’s most trusted Digital Marketing Specialist. Due to financial crisis there were days when she had to literally survive on Water-balls.

She started work as a Data Entry Operator in her early career in a small firm with a salary of Rs. 1250 Per Month. Today she runs her own Startup “HighonM”. She has proved that perseverance can ensure success in any field of work.

Being from a Middle Class family with limited financial aid, Roshni always wanted to build a solution which would help her and other people a chance to earn more than just their salary. In 2017, She launched Affilerator (Affiliate Marketing Training) with her business partner Gaurav Madaan.

Affilerator is a in-depth training on Affiliate Marketing, it helps people to build a second income source. Being a Digital Entrepreneur, her specialization is to build new businesses online. She had a great zeal to help people grow their online business and continues to inspire people and train them, as she develops zeal in them to succeed in the field of digital marketing.

With her unmatched passion for digital marketing, she helps people upgrade their digital marketing skills with her unbeatable mantras. She has stepped into the international digital marketing space in a very short span and her techniques and strategies are being followed by people across the globe.

Don’t wait for an opportunity to come to you, Rather use the available resources to create an opportunity for yourself..”Says Roshni.

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