Meet Aakash Yadav – An Influencer Who Has Encouraged Many Young Minds

 Aakash Yadav

Aakash Yadav is a name who is doing the rounds on the internet. A multi-tasker, he can perform various tasks simultaneously and he believes to live a life not only for him but also for others. He is an influencer, an entrepreneur, a social activist and a philanthropist who has been backing up projects like low-cost housing for the poor people and is working for underprivileged children and women of the NGOs. he grew up in a farmer’s family which is the reason behind him always taking a stand for farmers whose issues have been avoided by the mainstream media. He lives a posh lifestyle which is pretty evident from his Instagram feed. Learning things at a very young age helped him explore different places of the world.

The influencer had an impeccable academic record and he studied at the most prestigious institutions of the world. He has earned degrees from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland & Middlesex University London, England. The knowledge he has gained from these universities have helped him learn a lot of values which are important in every entrepreneurial venture. He built one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Delhi NCR region. While talking about how he has been different from others in the market, Aakash said, “Innovation is the only key to survive in this competitive market of real estate. My company prefers to experiment with new innovative techniques in the business by bringing down the overall cost to develop a sustainable housing solution for the poor and middle-class people”.

Apart from this, Aakash loves to workout and is a hardcore gym freak. His personality is as big as his heart and he believes that philanthropy is about educating and empowering the needy people rather than just making donations of huge amounts. His work has encouraged many young minds and Yadav has truly succeeded I every cause he has participated in. Moreover, he is trying to do more for others and his noble work has surely made him one of the most successful names today.

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