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Mayank Malik
Mayank Malik

Reaching a level of success is something that everyone aspires for in this super fast era. But those who want to use their success for the welfare of society. This kind of motto brings prosperity for mankind!

Matching to this personality Mayank Malik is a successful model and running a company named -DIEGO event which is a Delhi based event company.

Being an ambitious boy Mayank is gaining popularity as a model with a great profile. Talking about the work fronts he has worked with the top music labels like speed records and jass records where he featured in songs like yaari and dard.

Mayank believes in hard work done with smartness which brought him this much success that he is now capable of helping the needy one which is his utmost motto no matter what milestone he achieves in his life.

There is a quote that says “what you seek is seeking you” means that whatever you desire with wholehearted dedication the same thing starts aspiring for you. Mayank proved this true as what he wanted he has achieved and working towards what he wants more from life.

He is slaying as a model in fact it was his passion, meanwhile, he always wanted to be a self-made person as a result he launched his company DIGO EVENT MANAGEMENT PRIVATE LIMITED which is running as one of the prominent company in Delhi.

While organizing some really remarkable events in college and Universities this company has reached a milestone. Mayank believes that when you have trust in god and working with utmost honesty then there’s nothing that you can’t achieve. It was his desire to be available for the needy ones and now he is doing the best he can while having the best plans for the future.

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