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Mastizaade Movie Review

Mastizade is one of the films releasing this Friday, which gives B Town back to back sex comedies releasing in two consecutive Fridays. The film is directed by the writer turned director called Milap Zaveri, which is produced by Pritish Nandy and Rangita Nandy. The film has Sunny Leone in the double role along with Tushar Kapoor and Vir Das in the lead role along with Suresh Menon and Shaad Randhawa and Vivek Vaswani in the supporting roles. Riteish Deshmukh has a cameo in the film, which is releasing with the other film called Saala Khadoos. The film is produced under the banner of PNC Productions. Now, let us check out the review of the film as under:


The film has Sunny Leone who is doing a double role in it. Once again, the sex comedy is free from any story as it has targeted only the skin show in the film. Thanks to the presence of the former porn star called Sunny Leone who is adding all the filth in this movie in the form of taking vulgarity and obesity to the next level. And actors like Tusshar Kapoor are meant to specialize himself into doing a soft porn film in the B Town, which has no story but only the skin show.

Script Analysis

I wonder as to what the filmmakers feel when they have sex comedies like Mastizade in their minds while making such films of A category. They are simply playing with fire giving nothing but a rot stuff to the audience, which is known simply to add filth and dirt in it. The actors like Tusshar Kapoor are not be blamed though for being the part of such movies after all, they end up failing to get genuine roles thanks to the imperfect skill sets, which wrecks all the havoc. Now, you have an actor like Tusshar who is carving his niche hard in embarking like a soft porn star in B Town.

Star Performances

Frankly there is no star so forget about checking their performances. The lead actors in this film is of course the sensual and sex siren – Sunny Leone who is more known for showing her hidden stuff in extra revealing fashion then keen to focus on grooming her acting skills. Again, she shouldn’t be blamed for all these things since she can show only the stuff she has and not aspire for the things, she fails to achieve. The others in the film remained okay and below average including Vir Das and others.

Music, Direction, Screenplay and Editing

The music seems to be okay as it has to be made glamorous and appealing considering the presence of the sex siren in it. However, in terms of the other elements like direction, screenplay and editing, things remained below average. The director has simply failed to come out from the lead actors, perhaps it was not his intention since he knew that he has only one thing to portray – the skin show. The editing and screenplay remained lousy – who cares, while similar was the story with the other technical elements of the film.

Mastizaade Last Word

The sex comedy Mastizaade has nothing in it, no content, no story, no dialogue, or any other element. However, it has one thing in common with the previous week released film KKHH3 – the skin show. With no performance and only skin show to showcase, the film will only manage to call people who fit into this brass. It will have the same fate unlike the previously released film of such subjects.

Rating – 1.0

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