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Mary Kom Movie review

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Mary Kom Review

Mary Kom, the much awaited movie is all set to hit the theaters tomorrow – 5th September 2005. Directed by Omung Kumar and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, with the main leads as Priyanka Chopra, Darshan Kumar and Sunil Thapa. Ever since the trailer surfaced over the social media sites, it has simply gone viral with millions of views and likes. Similar was the story for its music and the songs surfacing the media. Looking out virtually, the movie has garnered a good number of positive views and reviews with Priyanka not just getting the Silver and Browne but has achieved the Gold with her incredible performance. Thus the movie has turned out to be the talk of the town for a couple of things with PC at the top.

Mary Kom may sound alarming for anyone who has little interest in sports and particularly in Boxing. Sitting for two long hours watching such a women and sports centric movie would be an ordeal. However, looking at the flip side, doing a movie on a living legend like Mary Kom and portraying her life and achievements in such shorter duration can be called a daunting experience. This is true especially when you have a new director like Omung Kumar doing this job. But mind it, this man proves you wrong by taking up the directorial task in one of the best ways. Well don’t underestimate his talents and skills; as he has left no stone unturned to showcase the character of Mary Kom the best.

The story of Mary Kom is all about a suppressed woman, who seeks an inspiration to remove all the obstacles coming in his way in the form of stereotyping, discrimination and patriarchy evident in our society. It’s a beautiful story of a woman with determination who accomplishes her impossible dreams and makes her country proud. With the Priyanka Chopra, the director has simply chronicled the saga of a lady with nerves of steel, who takes up this challenge since her childhood age and later with her courage and determination turns into a stalwart winning gold for her country, not just once but five times. You can certainly call Mary Kom to be an inspirational and resolute biopic, which makes it an important movie of 2014.

Now, let’s check what’s hot in the movie? In Mary Kom, Priyanka comes as a revelation, as you know she never leaves any opportunity to make her audience to surprise. Just when you thought she has exceeded the boundaries with Barfi then came is Mary Kom which simply proves you wrong. She has simply taken up the role of Mary to turn out Mary in real essence. She is among the actors who do not leave her job in a half baked way when it comes to giving her performance in any movie. But at the same time, let’s not forget Kumar for making the movie in a much realistic and authentic way. He has left no stone unturned to work on every fine detail including props, locations and dresses as well. The performance of Sunil Thapa the man who has played the character of trainer of PC has been incredible in his performance. Darshan Kumar the Delhite based hunk too was decent in his performance but yes, he has been always overshadowed by the performance of PC in the movie. Kumar is seen playing the national anthem the moment movie concludes, which makes the patriotic sentiments of audience high.

Unlike the pros the movie has some downsides as well. Though the place of the movie’s plot seems to be okay, however, at times you may find it passing through the sketchy paths as well. In the first half, you may find too many loo breaks since the narrative is seen going a bit jarring. At times you could even find the movie rushing fast without actually stopping and pondering over a couple of junctures. It may not sound unethical but you often find the director more or less relying over the patriotic emotions of audience in order to evoke the response he requires. The too heavy drama or doses along with dash of B town romance simply make this bio drama movie a bit distance from the crux of reality at times. Besides, you may even experience some awkward product placements in the film, which appears like a sore thumb. Nevertheless, despite all, Mary Kom happens to be an inspirational movie, which has the potential to turn the biopic as a big crowd puller at any season, including the September of 2014.

Last Word of Mary Kom

To watch or not to watch is a big question. If you are a Priyanka Chopra fan, needless to convince you to watch the movie. You have all the reasons to watch, and if you are not her fan, still find time to visit to catch a unique avatar of PC as its rare to see any female actor of Tinsel Town to tread a different path to perform the best over the Silver Screen. Considering the ace performance of PC and incredible direction especially from a new director together justify the rating of 4.

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