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Mary Kom Box Office Prediction, Will It Surpass 100 Crore Club ?

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Spreading her fabulous appearance on the Bollywood, the renowned celebrity ‘Rani Mukerji’s’ latest release ‘Mardaani is no doubt on the verge of hitting the box office with its massive and eye catchy collection, in addition to this. The Bollywood’s Dabanng ‘Ajay Devgan’s’ latest release had also smashed the box office as well, of course we can’t neglect the appearance of our favorite ‘Emmran Khan’ latest release ‘Raja Natwarlal’ and last but not the least, spreading the inspirational thoughts amongst the youngsters the decent but a heart touching movie ‘LastBenchers. Are you thinking why I’m talking about these movies?, as its time for some fire on the floor, one of the hottest celebrities of all Priyanka Chopra is ready to rock the box office with its un beatable collection.

Catching up some latest news and eye catching likes cum shares within just the promos and trailers the dashing super duper star will soon be seen to rock the box office but the movie ‘Mary Kom can really make it? Can the movie really overtake the other hitting movies? Is still a big question but one thing is clear for sure even if the movie cannot make it to that level but can surely hit the box office for sure.

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