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Marwan Shaheed releases his latest “All talk”, which combines Arabic & English music.

This half Iraqi and half Saudi descendant has made a striking entry into the world of rhythms and melodies.

We have seen an umpteen number of music artists who have made their mark with their own distinct style have garnered much love and adulation from fans worldwide. Here is one such artist from the Middle East who has bowled all with his extraordinary music talent, Marwan Shaheed. He has emerged as the most popular singer on the Arabian music scene who is garnering much attention from listeners across the Middle East. His work comprises distinct styles of music renditions that are mesmerizing to the core, be it in Arabic language or the most recent ones titled “All talk” which had an amalgamation of Arabic and English, which took his popularity to the next level. His innovative work has brought a revolution of sorts in the Arabic music industry which has never seen such variations in music earlier.

Apart from being a successful music artist, Marwan is also the founder of a company called ‘Alnojomia’ music production company which has given numerous hits to date and got the Saudi Arabian music scene to the forefront. As he is a part of the region knowing its culture and liking deep down its roots, he brings a fresh vibe to his music which has a local flavor to it, adding up to its zing quotient. He has been projected as the next Arabian music sensation by many industry insiders looking at the kind of hysteria he has generated through his impeccable work which has won the audience’s hearts big time. When asked about the distinct quality of music that he churns out from his creative factory, Marwan says, “the audiences love the eclectic mix of music which I present ranging from Saudi, Iraqi, hip-hop to other different forms which brings out a unique end result which is relatively new for the people of this region who are used to listening to conventional Arabic music. My music is like a breath of fresh air and that’s the reason it has caught the fancy of many music lovers out here,”

His popularity has been growing at lightning speed with him even collaborating with top German rap star Mero, which is quite impressive by all standards. His unique style has got the music back to the land of deserts with him emerging as an iconic artist with Arabic roots out to conquer the world through his craft.



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