Marketing Secrets to Learn from TALIX Organics’ Sheena Newman

Sheena Newman

Launching a skincare brand takes a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication. From researching and formulating the product(s) to marketing, design, and delivery, only the most dedicated entrepreneurs, enter this market, and find success. What is the secret? What makes the perfect skincare product people will buy again and again? Sheena Newman, the founder, and CEO of TALIX Organics shares with us her secrets to success.

Founded in 2019, TALIX Organics is an all-natural skincare brand that strives to deliver the most effective product(s) in the market. Clinical grade and comprised of the highest-quality ingredients sourced from around the world, TALIX Organics offers an exceptional skincare product that women trust. Formulated during her pregnancy with the desire to achieve that fabled “glow,” Sheena set out to develop an organic serum, which would not compromise on safety and quality. The Rose Quartz Hydra Glow described by Sheena as, “an energy drink for the skin” is a consumer favorite for its all-organic formula and skin brightening results.

Sheena, a dedicated wife, and mother driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, was confident TALIX Organics would be successful. Organized, collected, and ambitious, Sheena combined her beliefs in transparency and exceptional quality. Already a famous social media influencer, Sheena Newman values the trust her followers put in her. “My followers deserve the best. My customers deserve the best. I sought out expert advice from clinicians and scientists to formulate the highest quality serum on the market,” Sheena explains.

At a time where every influencer is trying to sell us something, Sheena Newman’s commitment to quality, along with her honesty, is refreshing. “This is my product. I believe in the science behind what we created, and I’m clear about its wholesome ingredients.” Sheena strongly believes that honesty is what sells products. “People care very much about what they put in their bodies and onto their skin. I’m not about to sell something I wouldn’t use myself.”

Sheena’s strategy proves that the most successful marketing secrets are the ones you don’t keep. She is a modern entrepreneur in every sense of the phrase. Sheena understands that consumers are more educated than ever and align themselves with influencers they trust. Honoring and building that trust is what catapulted TALIX Organics into the huge success it is today. A fascinating entrepreneur to follow, Sheena is no-nonsense yet approachable and steadily climbing the ladder to success at record speed.

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