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Mann actress Shama Sikander’s shocking revelation on the casting couch; “asked me for sex in return for work”

Shama Sikander is a well-known face of the industry, she is also known for her glamorous and sizzling looks. She is known for her role in the Aamir Khan starrer ‘Mann’. The pictures of the actress mesmerize the fans on social media. Shama took a break from the screen for a long time. But now she is preparing for her comeback. Due to this, Shama has made a shocking revelation about the casting couch going on in the industry.

In conversation with Bollywood Life, Shama claimed that the business had undergone significant positive improvement over time. Producers in the modern day are far more considerate and professional. Mann actress was quoted saying, “The industry has changed so much, and for good. Today, young producers are far more professional and treat people respectfully. They do not have the notion of sex for work. In the past, I have had producers tell me that they wanted to be friends with me. I was like, how can we be friends if we do not work together. I feel the whole concept of asking for sex in return for work is the lowest of low.”


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Some of these producers and makers, she continued, were well-known figures in the Bollywood industry. The casting couch exists everywhere, Sikander further noted, not just in the film industry. The actress said, however, that it would be unfair to blame all of Bollywood for it because she had also met some of the kindest individuals in the business.

Shama Sikander and James Milliron, the love of her life, just got married after dating for a while. The images from their magnificent white wedding in Goa had taken the internet by storm.

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