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Manjhi Trailer: A Lesson of Dedication and Determination to Do Something


A video that can make your hair straighten for a while, a video that can make anyone of you feel from within, a video that can inspire even a poor frustrated guy and is actually a must watch video. A flame with the name ‘Manjhi’, which is on the verge to catch fire in the box office just by releasing its magnifying trailer, seems to smash the floor. Featuring the fabulous casting roles as Nawazudding Siddiqui – A brilliant performer on the movie along with the chilly star Radhika Apte as leading stars, under the directions of Sandesh Shandilya the movie will touch the screens on 21st August 2015. Moreover, if we talk about the trailer then, what a video it is. Well said if a man’s determination to achieve something is really on its peak and if he desires to do something then surely no one in this entire world can stop him to do so. Based to the true story of olden days since 1950s here the movie reveals something really pertaining to explore inspiration. Have a quick look on the trailer right here..

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