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Mamta Kulkarni ‘Karan Arjun’ Bollywood Actress Running Ephedrine Drug Racket

Mamta Kulkarni

A Former Bollywood actress who was not only loved by the fans but also by the audience and celebs like anything, one of the renowned star ‘Mamta Kulkarni’ who was had working in some blockbusters movies like ‘Karan Arjun’, ‘Krantiveer’, ‘Waqt Hamara Hai’ and last but not the least ‘Ashiq Awara’ is notched by the cops for a striking thing called ‘Ephedrine stimulantalluring Racket’ and is in big trouble. I know that’s actually unbelievable but believe me guys it’s indeed truth. Let’s add up some lights on the points explored by the sources. As per the sources it is said that she’s caught under the drug racket of 2,000Crore which is actually a biggest racket had ever happened in history.

Moreover it is also said that it’s not only she who’s caught by the cops but her beloved husband is also playing a major role in the biggest scam, whereas if we flew with the sources then it is said that as per statement added by Police, a Solapur based pharmaceutical company Avon life sciences wherein the police grabbed 2,000Crores drugs, there the actress was getting on roll with the company as a director. In addition to this the US Agencies have submitted some documents related to her roles and responsibilities to the Thane, Mumbai Police station. However the actress and her husband had claimed that these are just rumors and refused to accept it.

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