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Mallika Sherawat’s Dirty Politics gets banned in Bihar

Once again the Mallika Sherawat starrer film Dirty Politics seems to have engulfed into a legal tangle. Thanks to the adult content, the movie comprises, which has compelled the Patna High Court to ban the film in releasing it in Bihar. As per the government lawyer, the movie has a number of objectionable scenes, which compels the court to give such decree. Earlier a petition was filed against the movie, which was finally heard to give its verdict on banning the film for having a number of objectionable scenes in.

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Unless the scenes are not deleted, the film is not to be released in Bihar.  The court has also issued a notice to CBFC (Censor Board) in this regard. The petitioner has also informed the court that the lady actor in the film has draped the national flag of India, which has caused insult to the same. The petition also has shown light towards the trailer, which comes out with a number of objectionable scenes. The rumour mill also suggested that the director of the film has approached to AAP convenor to play the role of journalist, which he however, denied doing. This role then went to Naseeruddin Shah, who is a journalist playing his part to bring out the justice for the character played by Mallika.

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