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Malaika Arora Khan keeps up quiet over Salman Khan’s assaulted lady remark !

Malaika Arora Khan

Salman Khan’s ‘raped woman’ remark has enraged numerous in the nation. While a couple Bollywood stars straightforwardly communicated their worry and lament at Salman’s remark, the performing artist himself is yet to issue a formal articulation on the same.

Sister-in-law, Maliaka Arora Khan – who was spotted today at the Mumbai air terminal, probably returning back after her smaller than normal get-away – wanted to stay mum too when tested about Salman’s ‘assaulted lady’ remark. The on-screen character declined to answer questions on her gathering with Arbaaz, which was in the news as of late too.

Salman’s ‘assaulted lady’ remark – made over the span of a gathering communication with writers – started off an across the country shock with numerous censuring the on-screen character for passing a harsh comment. While the Khan family patriarch Salim Khan apologized for his child’s error and sibling Arbaaz expressed that it’s basic for Salman to issue an elucidation, Salman, on his part, has kept up radio hush over the issue, liking to not answer copyists while on his approach to Spain for IIFA.

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