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What makes Ranveer’s love for Katrina real ?

ranbir-katrina relationship

Though both Katreena and Ranveer Kapoor have been going mute on their relationship, yet it is being officially and unofficially confirmed that they are lovebirds and would sooner or later will ring out their wedding bells. After their Spanish escapade got unleashed in the media the duo seemed very much comfortable in each other’s company both over the silver screen and off screen. Though much of the rage and uproar was noticed after the leak of their outing tour to Spain, but one thing got confirmed they are not fooling each other but are into serious relationship. You often hear a lot about their relationship in media, both positive and negative things about the duo. Yet one thing is clear, Ranbir is damn serious about his ladylove and has time and again proved that how much love he has for this leggy lass of B Town. Well, how about checking out certain signs, which speaks bold and clear how Ranveer is so genuine in his relationship:

Kareena Kapoor declaring Kat her Sister in Law at Koffee With Karan

At one of the episodes of Koffee With Karan when Kareena and Ranbir were present, the Heroine actress simply declared Kat as her sister in law. Though this frank and surprising statement struck Ranbir’s family yet Kareena made things clear how her cousin loves Kat. Katrina has been open and honest about relationships, remember the same lady opened up about her relationships with Saif Ali Khan, so she was very much sure about the love affair of her brother as well.

Moving together but returning alone

The two love birds were seen boarding the same flight for New York, however, were seen returning separately. The two had difference on the issue of commitment, as Kat was serious to get it, while RK wasn’t prepared for the same. Nevertheless, the two though were separated for a while calling off their relationship yet came closer in no time to sort out their differences. This was the time when the news of living together by renting out an apartment together was flashed out in the media. Sources revealed that RK is on a hunt to find a home for the two to stay together before they actually ring out their wild bells. This simply proved, come what may be, the two can come together to sort out their differences and move ahead with each other only.

Kat avoided getting snapped with her Mr Right in Public

Kat was often seen playing hide and seek with the photo journalist whenever RK was around. The two never came close together in public, however, soon they were spotted sitting just beside each other in RK’s car. This really unleashes a fact that RK is simply not interested in hiding this and thus can come forward together even before the media being confident about this relationship.

Staying mum over the Cleavage Controversy of Dippy

Everyone spoke up in the favour of Deepika Padukone when the controversy of Cleavage broke out in the media. All the stalwarts of B Town stood for Dippy applauding her stance on the pics uploaded over the Times of India Photo gallery, however, one man who stayed away from this controversy was none other than RK. Ranbir is known to be Dippy ex boy friend, and if you remember the statement given by Deepika about their photo leakage, despite this, the lover boy chose to stay away from this recent controversy. By staying calm and mute on this issue, he simply send out a message loud and clear that how much he loves his woman.


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