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Maitreni Mishra | A Multi-talented Blogger, takes over Social Media with her booming creativity!

Maitreni Mishra | A Multi-talented Blogger, takes over Social Media with her booming creativity!

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Art, Literature, Music and beyond…. multi-faceted Artist Influencer Maitreni Mishra wrapped the web around the glory of her booming creativity. She’s a complete package of talents, when it comes to making her mark in the blogosphere.

A social media influencer with 5 ft. long hair, she’s an ambassador of various international long hair fan communities on Instagram. With her thick, lustrous, long locks, these fan pages have proclaimed her by the title of the “Indian Rapunzel of Instagram”.

Her career as a model and actor too, began by being selected as the top 10 finalists of UC Miss Cricket, 2018 beauty pageant organised by UC browser where she got a professional makeover by celebrity makeup artists in New Delhi.

Even when she hadn’t hopped onto making a mark in the glamour field, this multi-talented girl was always in the limelight of the media due to her immense capabilities. She was published in local newspapers when she won the title of “Miss Alumni” of her school as well as “Ms. Fresher” of her college.

She’s a published author with her articles featured in esteemed anthologies as well as the Femina magazine 2017 November issue. An extremely impressive poetess, she makes her readers spellbound with her consistency of rhymes and rhythms. Her heart-wrenching poetry reigns through her posts on her instagram handle @maitrenimishra.

Adding more to her creative feathers, she’s also a fabulous artist with fairly good hands in drawing, painting, doodle art, etc. Being a professional charcoal portrait artist who can replicate the exact human emotions, she makes her sketches look alive on paper with the finesse of her fingers. Maitreni created some fantastic “realism murals” of Bollywood celebrities too, during the lockdown that were immensely praised by her social media fans.

As a trained classical singer with matriarchal musical background, she launched her debut music album “Tera Ghata by Maitreni Mishra” on YouTube. She’s a born performer and leaves no stones unturned to enter in the middle of an orchestra and catch the spotlight!

As a telemarketer, anchor, and news reporter in the past, she’s also interviewed many Bollywood celebrities at press conferences like Arshad Warsi, Kangna Ranaut, Neha Sharma, Tapasee Pannu, etc. And later, she walked on the same path of theatres and entertainment by acting as a female lead in an award winning short film “Pattern” by Blacklisted Productions on YouTube. The movie made it to the final screening of various national as well as international film festivals and also won awards.

Maitreni was chosen by Sansui India to travel Mumbai and walk the red carpet along with stars and starlets of the Bollywood industry in Sansui Stardust Awards 2017. In the same year, she got an opportunity to work closely with Bollywood Actor John Abraham to cheer the runners at Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, sponsored by Jet Airways.

She was chosen as one of the top lifestyle and travel bloggers associated with Tata Motors and received a chance to attend their pre-launch media drives and review the experience on her blog for 5 consecutive years. As the solo female traveler chosen by Nokia India and holiday IQ, she got to launch the Nokia 6 smartphone in the air through paragliding at Bir Billing.

As an award-winning lifestyle blogger and journalist, an ace-Instagrammer with Lacks of fan following, she has been a face of a huge number of leading national & international brands in the fashion, technology and automobile industry. She’s been spotted at various lifestyle cafe launches through exclusive media invites in Delhi and also been featured on the Page 3 column of top print news publications.

Maitreni Mishra has an exclusive author profile at esteemed tech review sites like “Think Digit” and at the same time, is the “creative director” of her own lifestyle magazine cum blog,

Maitreni continues to hustle and empower her social space with Nil Desperandum. ?

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