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Mahhi Vij blocked her husband Jay Bhanushali, here’s how Jay is feeling now

Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij are without a doubt one of the most adorable television couples. Whether it’s their adorable social media PDA or heading out in the city together, the couple never fails to steal the show. Jay and Mahivij recently got into a fight over a nice reason. Jay posted a photo of the actress in which she doesn’t think she looks well. Mahhi responded by blocking the actor, who is now begging that fans DM her to request that she unblock him.

Jay published a handful of humorous videos on Instagram stories, one of which included him and an irate Mahhi. Jay revealed his helplessness in the videos after being barred by his wife. In the video, the actor said, “I have posted one photo and my wife has blocked me. Please guys DM her to unblock me. What is this nonsense going on? Please ask her.”

Mahhi Vij & Jay Bhanushali
Mahhi Vij & Jay Bhanushali

Jay also cracked up when he revealed how if he had blocked Mahhi on Instagram, she would have accused him of loving her less and having an affair. Notably, Mahhi teased him and asked him to have an affair with her in order to get rid of him. Jay was subsequently observed issuing flirtatious invitations to the girls in jest.

Jay Bhanushali, together with his wife and daughter, shared a lovely family photo – the one in question. “Family,” he wrote alongside it. Mahhi, on the other hand, disliked the click because she felt it made her appear bad. The actress was enraged by her husband’s publication of this shot. Isn’t it adorable and relatable?

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