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Mahaakshay Chakraborty becomes wanated man in town

Mithun Chakraborty already rocked the way and became style icon. Now its time for his son Mahaakshay Chakraborty. He talks about his fitness and style as on date he is one of the wana be man around.

On asking about his change in looks. He adds, “I feel great now. There is a certain boost of confidence in me and I am really liking the way people are looking at me and complimenting me for my transformation. It has taken me a lot to come this far but guess what? This is only the beginning. I know I am going to work even harder now and get more and more better.”

“Looking good always makes a person feel good. And that is why I am pushing myself everyday. To gain confidence and a certain advantage over myself. And when it comes to preparation I believe one must always be prepared as when the opportunity comes it won’t give us an extra 2-3 months to prepare. One must always be ready, sharp and vigilant for the right time to shine can come at a moment’s notice.” Later the actor adds.

Each man have a girl behind. On asking about his love life. He laughs out and shares, “Now please define what do you mean by the term ‘Single’? The last time I checked all the girls run away from me and some even end up hating me ‘cause they think I am a selfish human being and I am completely incapable of loving. So I guess when you ask me next time if I am single or not I guess my answer will be I am Banned from the Dating Scene indefinitely.”

He opens up and tells about Mma which helped him, “Mma is the next level in fitness and as a lifestyle. People think that if they walk and jog in the treadmill for 30mins thrice a week they have elevated their fitness levels. But do one session of Mixed Martial Arts and you will know what really fitness feel like. It has been 5 years sine I have been to Mma and there has been no looking back since then,” actor concludes.

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